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Radiant Heating Panels

productLavaIf you’ve ever stood outside on a cold day but felt warm because you were in the sunlight, you’ve experienced infrared heat. These rays from the sun heat the people and objects they come into direct contact with instead of the air. Infrared radiant panels operate the same way – except from inside the home. They heat the walls, ceiling and objects in a room, which store the warmth and then release it back into the room slowly and evenly.

This heating technique can save energy costs and eliminate the circulation of allergens such as dust. Plus, WarmlyYours radiant panels deliver these benefits in the form of modern, stylish panels. The lineup is available in two brands: LAVA and Ember.

Why Choose Radiant Heating Panels?

Unparalleled Performance Radiant Panel Heating provides the same warmth as a regular heating system but at a lower capacity. Nearly 100% of the panel’s heat will be transferred into the room with minimal loss.

Reduces Heating Expenses Heating your living areas with infrared heat can save a significant amount off your heating expenses.

Sustainable Heat Electricity is the energy of the future – which creates a CO2 free environment.

Easy Installation Inexpensive, only a power supply is needed and your panel will work immediately; flexible to mount on walls or ceilings.

Space Saver Eliminate your radiator and you will gain storage space you never knew you had. Free up valuable living space!

Safety Our panels are designed to withstand the most demanding test of time and have received approval from various organizations.

In-Floor Heating Systems

Home-Main_Floor-WarmingElectric in-floor heating systems generate an even heat throughout your home and will not disturb dust, reducing the chance of possible allergic reactions. What’s more, radiant heated floors reduce noise levels and the amount of dry air in your home. There are other benefits to floor heating as well, including financial perks, as they are inexpensive to install and typically don’t add more than a quarter to electric bills.

Our electric floor-heating systems are available for a variety of floor surfaces, including tile, stone, carpet and hardwood. Any room in the home can utilize our heating systems, providing comfort wherever you are. In order to give customers full control over their WarmlyYours in-floor heating systems, we offer a variety of controls, underlayment sheets and accessories. Thermostats will allow you to control the temperature and schedule turn-on times, while many different accessories can further optimize our heating systems to meet specific project needs.

WarmlyYours also provides design services to make sure that customers purchase the heating system that best meets their project requirements. Depending on the floor type and the shape and size of a room’s layout, the size and placement of heating mats will differ. With the installation of heated flooring, your home’s floors will remain consistently comfortable day after day.

Snow Melting Systems

productSnowMeltingSnowy winters can be a pain, especially when you have to shovel and salt your driveway, patio, walkway, or stairs all season long. But with our snow melting solutions, you can stay comfortable inside and let the pavement do the work for you.

We offer a selection of snow melting systems that heat driveways, patios, walkways, or stairs and can be installed in asphalt, concrete, or under pavers in mortar.

Roof & Gutter De-icing Systems

Ice and snow accumulating on your roof or inside your gutters can cause costly water damage to your home or business. WarmlyYours Ice Shield Roof & Gutter Deicing Cable System provides a reliable solution for ice damming that occurs in gutters, downspouts, overhangs, valleys, and bottleneck areas between roof features, such as dormers or adjacent rooflines. Installing our heavy duty heating cable will give you peace of mind in knowing that your roof will be secure and unharmed by even the harshest winter storms.

Electric Towel Warmers &
Heated Towel Racks

Towel-Warmers-Homepage-LifestyleProfessionally crafted and designed to fit any budget, our range of Electric Heated Towel Warmers are a key addition to any bathroom and operate at a fraction of the cost of most liquid filled models.

Made with superior hand-finished quality metals, each model includes a control timer and hidden wiring mounts for single stud installation.

Complete Residential Hot Water Systems

ACCELERA : True Heat Pump Water Heater

Accelera® can extract up to 80% of its energy requirements from the energy in the air around it.

Heat pump water heating technology means the amount of energy needed to create hot water is greatly reduced compared to any water heater. This ground breaking technology redefines the efficiency a water heater is capable of. For every watt the Accelera’s compressor and fan uses, the equivalent of 3-5 watts of hot water are generated. The best so-called “high efficiency” water heaters can only approach making the equivalent of 1 watt of hot water for every watt of energy they consume.

Accelera® heat pump water heaters have been designed to supply 80% of an average annual household’s hot water with energy supplied by the heat pump, not by the backup element. This leads to the lowest possible energy costs for hot water and still supplies sufficient hot water to keep everyone happy. One way we do this is to prevent the cold water entering the tank during a draw from mixing with the hot water already in the tank. That way the maximum amount possible of hot can be drawn before the backup element is needed.

If the heat pump cannot keep up with the demand for hot water then the specially engineered electric backup element supplies additional heat to the water. The single back-up element is located at the very top of the tank. This design ensures comfort during periods of high demand, in addition to high efficiency. In a warm climate, an Accelera® is placed either in the garage, where it takes heat from the outside air, or inside the house, where it helps with the air conditioning load. In a cooler climate, the unit is typically placed in the basement where it also acts as a dehumidifier. You get hot water at a discount plus a drier basement as well.

An Accelera® works like an air conditioner, but instead of transferring the heat outdoors, it transfers it into the tank of water. This process is many times more efficient than any other water heater. It works like this:

The fan moves room air through the evaporator, which contains liquid refrigerant that extracts heat from the ambient air as it evaporates. As the refrigerant warms, it changes into a gas.

The warm gaseous refrigerant passes through the compressor which increases its pressure. As the pressure increases, the temperature of the refrigerant rises until it becomes hot.

The hot refrigerant then passes through the condenser wrapped around the water tank. Because heat travels from hot to cold, the heat in the refrigerant transfers to the water in the tank.

The refrigerant, now a super-cool liquid, passes through the expansion valve to become a warmer, yet still cold, liquid, ready to become a gas again in the evaporator and continue the cycle.

The Accelera® uses environmentally-friendly R134a for its refrigerant.

Solar Fans For Attics

Gable Series – Solar Powered Attic Fan The Solaro Aire™ Solar Powered Attic Fan – Gable Series can be mounted inside the attic over an existing gable vent or roof penetration to supercharge the vents already there. Remains hidden and out of the weather. Comes with an aluminum fan blade (Brush Motor) or polymer fan blade (Brushless DC Motor) for adequate air flow.


It is similar to the roof mounted solar fan, except that its installation is a little different. Most attic fans are installed on the roof surface, whereas gable fans are installed in the gables, inside the attic and behind an existing louvered gable vent as the name suggests. They are mostly installed in places like garages or barns and other storage places where heat and moisture are usually present. These types of fans are generally installed behind intake grills to provide ventilation. Gable Solar Fans are usually installed high on the gable close to the ridge and are also coupled with soffit or roof vents for well-balanced intake and exhaust air avenues. The airflow depends upon the level of sunlight when there is more sunlight, the airflow will be more resulting in enhanced cooling. It is also capable of lowering the air conditioning costs by cooling the attic.


  • A solar fan is more environmentally friendly.
  • Though initially the installation may be costlier, in the long term it would turn out to be cheaper because it does not use power from the utility grid and may provide savings up to 30 percent on air conditioning costs.
  • Risk of electric accidents are eliminated as there are no electric cords attached to the solar fan.
  • A cordless appliance offers much more mobility compared to conventional fans.


Solar Powered Natural Light Fixture

Introducing The Solaro Day™ – Solar Powered Natural Light Fixture. Start enjoying the benefits of solar powered, full spectrum, natural sunlight in your home, office, retail outlet, school, or factory. The Solaro Day™ can be installed in any location, there are no limitations as compared to a traditional tubular skylights. Simply install the solar panel on your roof, run the interconnect cable through the attic or wall, and install the Solaro Day™ like any other light fixture. It’s that easy!


The Solaro Day™ will simulate the same light that a traditional or tubular skylight creates but without the costly installation. No need to cut a large hole in your roof or ceiling. You will also be able to experience the sun up, sun down and cloud movement inside, just as you would experience with a skylight. The Solaro Day™ is truly a green product, and is 100% free to operate.

Benefits of Solaro Aire™ Solar Powered Natural Light Fixture

  • Doesn’t cost one penny to operate as it’s completely powered by the sun.
  • Installs anywhere. Installation is not inhibited by the structure of a building, and no giant holes in your roof.
  • Provides simulated natural healthy sunlight that makes bright, happy spaces with the same full spectrum light as sunlight.
  • The Opto Semiconductors used in the Solaro Day™ are better than basic LEDs with a brighter output and longer life span.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Westinghouse high-quality LED light bulbs utilize state-of-the-art, high-performance technology and are extremely durable.


LEDs – Higher Efficiency

The light-emitting diode (LED) bulb uses a semiconductor as its light source, and is currently one of the most energy-efficient and quickly developing types of bulbs for lighting your home. LEDs increasingly are being purchased to replace incandescent and other types of bulbs. LEDs are relatively more expensive than other types of bulbs, but are very cost-effective because they use only a fraction of the electricity of traditional lighting methods and can last far longer.

Many researchers and manufacturers are currently working hard to develop new and better LEDs for consumer use, and consumer prices are falling as the market grows. LEDs for the home are available in many different varieties, ranging from recessed fixtures, track lights, and traditionally shaped bulbs that can be used to replace incandescents in lamps and fixtures.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that rapid adoption of LED lighting over the next 20 years in the United States could save about $265 billion in energy costs and replace the construction of 40 new power plants.


LED R30 11Watt Bulbs Buy 6 = $49.99

LED Outdoor Flood 15W – 90W  = $15.00
LED R 30 11W – 65W  = $10.00
LED R 20 7W – 50W = $9.75
LED A 19 10W – 60W = $8.00


Smart Solar In & Outdoor Solar/LED Decor


Smart Solar is a leading manufacturer of solar powered garden products, providing high quality, innovative solar powered items for the home and garden. They believe strongly in the environmental benefits of solar, whereby all their solar products use renewable energy from the sun to generate power, so once purchased require no operating costs and minimal maintenance. They are quick, easy to install and portable so they can be moved around the garden to suit your individual requirements.

Our range of products includes:

  • Solar decor
  • Solar lighting
  • Solar water features
  • Solar pumps

As the market leader in solar décor, they have many new and innovative ways to add color, accents and the “wow” factor to your outdoor patios and gardens.

Their lighting products cover both functional and decorative lighting, with a wide choice of designs and applications.

The solar pump range includes solar and battery assisted options for use in garden ponds and features, and also includes oxygenators for fish.

Their water features include cascading water features, pouring features, birdbaths and multi-tiered fountains, either using integrated or remote solar panels. Our new generation products also include battery back-up allowing the products to be used day or night.

Smart Solar’s product development is at the forefront of solar technology innovation and we design products using a wide range of materials including ceramic, terracotta, slate, stonecast resin, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and various types of glass. We supply custom product for many major customers worldwide. We believe our range and designs are unmatched by any other solar products supplier.


Smart Design is their latest brand which takes the interior style of the home and merges it with outdoor living. These are products which can make the transition from looking great indoors to handling the durability needed for outdoors. Currently Smart Design includes their line of battery operated indoor/outdoor LED Candle Lanterns.